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HOB 3 Drawer Pack Aluminum Rail & 620mm Back 1 X 140 2 X 283

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3 drawer pack base unit with a top drawer (Including Plasitic Cutlery Insert) and 2 pan drawers with standard sides and pan rails 720 High (Plus Legs 150) x 570 Deep

  • 3/4 high back for access
  • Top drawer set lower to accomodate gas and induction hobs
  • Aluminium front rail for ease of installation
  • 1 x 140mm top drawer
  • 2 x 283mm pan drawers

Pan drawers are optionally upgradable to our stylish Crystal glass sides for an additional cost. This upgrade replaces the pan rails with frosted glass panels which doubles the height of the enclosed space of the drawer, making it ideal for a wider range of storage applications such as pots and pans, plates, labelled produce or other bulky household items such as food processors etc.

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