Our Factory
Take a tour of our factory and see the state of the art machines that enable us to produce the high quality needed at a realistic price. From cutting and edging the panels, machining & routing through to final assembly and inspection.
Factory Facilities

Online Kitchen Store,
Station Road Industrial Estate,
MK45 2QY 

beam saw
Beam saw

Our Holzma HPP350 beam saw is German engineering at its best, with an accuracy +/- of 0.3mm we can ensure that the components are produced perfectly to size. Our UK developed optimization software ensures perfect cutting sequences, reducing waste to a minimum.

edge bander
Edge Bander
Our OTT Tornado edge bander is our latest machine purchase. It pre-mills 2mm off the board with a router cutter before applying glue and then edging tape, trimming off the excess with cutters leaving a perfect zero glue line finish. The quality is so good we even produce doors using it...
CNC drill
CNC Drill machines
We have two identical, cutting edge vertical fed CNC machines. These are manufactured on the Italian side of Lake Como by the most innovative company in their field. These drill the holes for connecting the unit parts together, drawer runners /  hinges etc and rout any shaped cut outs in precise accuracy.
Through feed press
Through feed press
The Ligmatech through feed press is a god send to our final assembly line, produced in East Germany by the market leaders in panel handling machinery. When the cabinet initially enters on the conveyor, the jaws lightly press to make sure the cabinet is completely square before applying full force to ensure that the glue is forced through capillary action into the dowels, thus making a strong bond. the machine will then hold it for 5 minutes until the glue is dry and forward down the line on the conveyor belt.
Blum Hinge machine
Blum Hinge machine
All door and drawer fronts are machine drilled with plastic dowel inserts to ensure accuracy and long term durability.
All the doors, drawers, pullouts, bins etc. are all then fitted to the units. The units will then be inspected for a final time before being cleaned and corner protected, corrugated card on face and then shrink wrapped up ready for loading onto our own vehicles for delivery.