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All of our kitchen cabinets (unless otherwise stated or requested) are:

  1. Fully factory assembled, never flat packed. However we can supply units dry assembled (rigid but not glued).
  2. Colour co-ordinated carcasses, although we recommend our Premium Graphite finish to match drawers, hinges and internal storage solutions.
  3. Glue and Dowel construction and machine pressed for precision and accuracy.
  4. 1mm ABS edging used on ALL edges including backs.
  5. All doors and drawer fronts are predrilled to take 8mm plastic gromits for added stability which wood screws then fix into.
  6. Constructed from Egger 18mm MFC including 18mm backs.
  7. Doors and drawers fitted on to cabinets.
  8. Storage solutions and other extras fitted into the cabinets.
  9. Heavy duty fully adjustable 40mm diameter legs fitted to cabinet.
  10. Grass® Austria Scala 40KG soft close drawer systems.
  11. Blum® Austria Blumotion Cliptop hinges with the latest integrated soft close Carbon Finish.
  12. Blum® Austria Blumtion Aventos Lift up & Bi-fold Hinge Mechanisms 
  13. Kesseböhmer storage solutions for all Pullouts & Tandem larders and Lemans etc.
  14. Drilled either for left or right hand hinges leaving no unsightly spare holes.
  15. All doors and drawer fronts close on soft stop buffers drilled into door and drawer fronts we do not use stick on buffers.
  16. Base Units are 570mm Deep plus the Door thickness with 42mm service void 
  17. Wall Units are 337mm Deep plus the Door thickness with 18mm service void 
  • Standard Cutlery Insert
  • Premium Graphite True Handleless
  • Base Unit Specification
  • Wall Unit Specification
  • Sink Unit Specification
  • New Blum Carbon Colour Hinge
  • New Grass® Scala Drawers
  • Drilled in Door Buffers
  • ABS 1mm Edging
  • Substantial cabinet legs
  • Kessebohmer Pullout systems
  • German Kessebohmer Lemans in Graphite
  • Timber Cutlery Insert
  • Aluminium Sink Base
  • Blum Aventos Lift Sysytems

Cabinet Fixtures and Fittings

We only use premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures that our cabinets are not only of the highest possible build quality but also of the highest possible specification as well.

Our Nova Scala drawer systems (see video) are manufactured by Grass Austria and as standard they are supplied with a 40 kilogram weight capacity on each drawer, produced in a Dark Graphite finish. Many other manufacturers are using drawers with a significantly reduced capacity achieving only 25 - 35 kilograms.

Our cabinet hinges are manufactured by Blum and of course we use only their latest clip top fully integrated soft close hinge, we have them specially powder coated in Graphite in Austria for that dark finish look to match the cabinets and all other internal fittings.

Our storage solutions are manufactured by Kesseböhmer, the Worlds leading manufacturer of storage solutions. Kesseböhmer are great innovators and are responsible for all the great storage solutions past and present including Pull out larders, Magic Corners and the more recent Le Mans.

As innovators in our industry, we include many custom solutions that our rivals have yet to offer. For example we can supply factory fitted low voltage or LED slim depth lights routed flush into the 18mm base board of any wall unit, which simply require plugging into a driver / transformer. This eliminates the need for a light pelmet and also reduces fitting time.

The cabinet legs we use have a 40mm diameter and are manufactured of a malleable plastic making it incredibly tough and capable of withstanding even the most demanding weight loads. This is especially important when using Granite or Quartz worktops.

Wall units all come fitted with heavy duty concealed hanging brackets tough enough for the most demanding of installations.

Cabinet Fabrication

Our cabinet fabrication is glue and dowel as opposed to the more common place cam and dowel (which will show exposed fittings, especially unsightly on the underside of wall units). The units are pre-assembled with glued joints and are squared, then clamped using the very latest computer controlled through feed press for precision and accuracy. Unit backs are made using matching 18mm material (not 8mm as many of our competitors), regardless of the type.

Our cabinets are constructed from 18mm Egger MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) which offers over 250 colours and edged with matching 1mm impact resistant ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), giving the best possible protection against bumps, knocks, scrapes and moisture. Many companies supply lower grade MFC and use paper edging which has no moisture protection and can easily chip over time.

All of our base units have a 42mm surface void as standard and our wall units have an 18mm surface void as standard.

  Online Kitchen Store B&Q Cooke & Lewis B&Q it Homebase Essential Kitchens Wickes Howdens Magnet Ikea Wren Kitchens
Cabinets available 4000 199 54 184 125 106 169 80 212
Cabinet colours 250 3 1 1 1 2 4 1 1
Cabinet construction Rigid Flatpack Flatpack Flatpack Flatpack Rigid Rigid Flatpack Rigid
Cabinet thickness 18mm 18mm 16mm 16mm 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
Back panel thickness 18mm 8mm 3mm 2.5mm-2.6mm 3mm-15mm 8mm 15mm 3mm 8mm
Styles available 130 25 24 6 29 42 37 22 36
Cabinet widths 14 9 7 8 9 9 9 6 10
Tall unit heights 4 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 2
Bespoke painted doors
Bespoke cabinets
Doors/drawers factory fitted
Storage solutions and extras factory fitted
Built to order
Tall wall cabinets
Guarantee 25 years 10 years 10 years 5-10 years 10-15 years 5 years 15 years 25 years 20 years
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