Cabinet Construction
We only use the best fixtures and fittings available on the market, if something better becomes available, we will change to it straight away. Keeping us ahead of the competition, always.... 
Top Quality Kitchen Cabinet Construction
Fully Assembled 
All of units are fully assembled with doors, drawers and any internal storage solutions all factory fitted prior to delivery. 
glue and dowel
Glue and Dowel Construction 

Glue and Dowel construction is the European way of manufacturing cabinets and will achieve the most sturdy and square of the carcasse. Cheaper UK methods will include metal cam and dowel construction which is best to be avoided. 

1mm ABS Edging
1mm ABS Edging 
We stock hundreds of edging colours, offering different edging to the actual board colour if required. We only use a 1mm ABS premium product through our OTT Tornado edge bander on all exposed edges, giving a perfect finish with a nice rounded profile every time. 
18mm Egger board MFC
18mm Egger board MFC Carcasse

All cabinets are constructed from 18mm Egger board, this is highest grade board on the market. All units are made up of 18mm MFC including backs to everything. (many companies use thinner 8mm backs to their units, especially wall and tall units) For full colour options, please click here

Grass Scala
Grass Scala soft close Drawers

Grass® Austria Nova Pro Scala in stone 40KG (weight capacity) soft close drawer systems. For full details of spec, please click here.

Indaux Mamut-6
Indaux Mamut-6 folding adjustable leg

40mm diameter, Heavy duty fully adjustable (130mm - 170mm) legs pre-fitted to the cabinet prior to delivery and fold down on site to avoid any missing parts. We also stock 80mm-120mm legs on request. For full spec please click here.

Kesseböhmer Storage Solutions
We use Kesseböhmer storage solutions, arena style with solid bases for all pull outs, tandem larders and le mans corners in the matching dark graphite. For full details on available options and spec, click here
Hinge and plate holes
Hinge and plate holes

Doors drilled either for left or right hand hinges only leaving no unsightly spare holes in the doors or on the carcasse.

Soft Stop Door Buffers
Soft Stop Door Buffers

All doors and drawer fronts close on soft stop buffers drilled into the back of door and drawer fronts, we do not use stick on buffers as these fall off over time.

Blum soft close hinges
Blum soft close hinges
Blum ® clip top integrated soft close hinges, 110 degrees as standard in their Dark Oynx finish. Other various angles available for different setups. For full spec please click here
Scilm protective Aluminium Drip Tray
Scilm protective Aluminium Drip Tray 
All sinks are supplied with a pre-fitted Aluminium drip tray to the base of the unit with rubber outer seals. This protects the unit against water spillages or leaks over time.
Libra H2 Wall Hanging Brackets
Libra H2 Wall Hanging Brackets 

We use talia Ferramentas, Libra H2 concealed wall hanging bracket, very heavy duty with a weight capacity of 150kg per unit. For full details on spec, click here

Carcasse routing for Gola Rail
Carcasse routing for Gola Rail

All True handleless kitchen cabinets come routed out ready to take the Gola profiles, considerably reducing time and headaches on site for fitters. We even prefitted the red bracket on the carcasse that the rail slots into. 

Factory Routed Sirius recessed LED Lights
Factory Routed Sirius recessed LED Lights
LED recessed lights factory routed into base of the wall units, giving a nice flush finish to the underneath avoiding the need of additional light pelmet to be fitted. Natural white finish at 4000k, full details and spec click here.
Blum Legrabox space tower System
Blum Legrabox space tower System
Blum Legrabox Space tower option, supplied fully fitted. for full details on spec, click here