What to consider when renovating your kitchen

What to consider when renovating your kitchen

-The most important factor has to be your budget! Determining your budget early on and letting your designer know means we can always ensure we are on target throughout the process. 

-Assessing your layout, which shape works best in your home, whether this is a galley kitchen, a u-shaped kitchen or whether you can incorporate an island.  Once we have your room dimensions, we can provide  guidance on the various kitchen layout options available. Our expertise will enable us to suggest the optimal layout that suits your specific needs and preferences.

-Evaluating your storage needs and plan for adequate storage space. Consider incorporating different features for example pull out corner blank units, pull out drawers or pantry larders. Our showroom offers a wide array of options for you to explore and see firsthand.

-Determine the style and overall design aesthetic you want for your kitchen. Creating a Pinterest board or saving some images from Instagram gives your designer an idea of what you are looking for so they know what to suggest. 

-Create a timeline for your renovation project and consider factors that may impact its duration, such as delivery times for the kitchen and availability of builders etc. We can also help with this if you let us know your desired delivery date, we can ensure the design is on track to achieve this.

By taking these factors into account, you can ensure a successful kitchen renovation that aligns with your budget, maximizes functionality, and reflects your personal style.

To begin your journey with us I would always recommend visiting our showroom to chat through your requirements. 

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