5 Kitchen Design Must Haves

5 Kitchen Design Must Haves

1. Maximising storage is a key factor in creating a functioning kitchen design. My first piece of advice would be to map out where all your items in your kitchen will be located, this means you can see where you are currently falling short and we can begin to find solutions. Solutions for storage can be things like adding in a le mans pull out in a corner blank unit (kidney pull out) so there is no dead space, adding in a corner pantry if you have the room, adding pull out drawers into a larder, choosing drawers over cupboards and adding in a 150mm spice pull out next to your hob or a towel pull out next to your sink. 

2. Integrated Appliances create a seamless and cohesive design within kitchens, maintaining the unified appearance of the kitchen. Integrated appliances also help optimize the space in the kitchen as they are designed specifically to fit within standard cabinetry dimensions unlike free standing appliances which often require more ventilation around them. They can especially be valuable in smaller kitchens where every inch counts. As they are designed to fit flush with the other units reducing the gaps and crevices where dirt can accumulate, cleaning therefore becomes much easier.  

3. Floor to ceiling cabinets in kitchens is becoming more popular within our clients for a few reasons. By extending cabinets to the ceiling, you can maximise the kitchens storage capacity using the higher up shelves for not so frequently used or seasonal items. It can create a seamless and polished appearance in the kitchen by eliminating the space above shorter cabinets preventing dust accumulation. 

4. Integrated lighting in your kitchen is very important and used to typically be considered in higher end kitchens only. Nowadays with greater lighting options available you can take your kitchen to the next level without compromising or breaking the bank. Some of the options include integrated spotlights in wall units which fit flush in the carcass, strip lighting under the wall units which sit in a routed light board, plinth strip lighting and strip lighting up the gables of the inside of units. All of these options create a way to incorporate lighting still keeping the kitchen very slick. 

5. Having ovens at eye level is desired within all modern kitchens. With the oven at eye level there is no need to bend down reducing strain on back and makes it more convenient to check and remove dishes from the oven. This will be beneficial to individuals with mobility issues or the elderly. By installing an oven in a larder, you are freeing up floor space which would have otherwise been occupied by a traditional range cooker or an oven unit. This allows for more flexibility in kitchen design, cabinetry layout, and additional storage options below the oven. They also often provide a modern appearance in a kitchen creating a streamlined and integrated look when combined with other integrated appliances. 

I hope this helped! If you need advice from one of our expert designers please purchase our design service!

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