2023’s Kitchen Colour Trend

2023’s Kitchen Colour Trend

We are over half way through the year and we can defiantly see this year’s kitchen colour of the year… Green! However, what makes green kitchen cabinets so immensely popular?

- A reason has to be the connection to nature. It evokes a sense of freshness and tranquillity within a kitchen space which works perfectly within an open plan space easily flowing into each section of the house without the kitchen feeling too clinical.

- It is also an easy colour to pair with different textures. For example, dark green complements gold accessories in kitchens and light green coordinates well with a contrasting wood effect. If you aren’t feeling that bold, they also pair well porcelains and dove greys within 2 tone kitchens.

- Colours have psychological effects and green is often associated with positive emotions such as balance, harmony, and renewal. Being surrounded by green in the kitchen can contribute to a sense of well-being and positivity.

- Another factor that contributes to the popularity of green kitchens is social media. The pervasive presence of green kitchens on various social media platforms influences homeowners to adopt the trend. Once one household showcases their green kitchen, it often sparks a domino effect, with other clients following suit.

From my perspective, I am a huge fan of the green kitchen trend, and I believe it will continue to thrive. In line with this trend, we provide a wide range of green-finished doors. Feel free to explore our samples page to see the available options!

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