Designing the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen - Important Considerations

Designing the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen - Important Considerations

Posted: 6th June 2016

In this post, the third and concluding part in our series looking at the key elements you need to bear in mind when seeking to design the perfect contemporary kitchen, we're looking at three additional considerations to ensure you achieve the best final result.

Energy Efficiency

If you're completely remodelling your kitchen then it is likely you will end up paying at least a few thousand pounds, however if you take energy efficiency into consideration during the design stage, there is no reason that you can't make some of that money back over time.

Modern appliances are much smarter in the ways they use energy so if you thought you could save money by keeping your old devices this is somewhat of a false economy.

Also if you have single-glazed windows or old-style doors consider replacing these to ensure you are not losing money through energy inefficiency. 

Safety & Hygiene

These two considerations should be important regardless, however they will be particularly so if you have a young family.

Make plans to store sharp implements out of reach of young children, while you should also ensure that there are no sharp edges or corners at your child's head height.

Another key issue for the safety of the household is hygiene so it is advisable that you use materials that are easy to clean. Smooth surfaces and splashbacks for example can be simply wiped clean while certain floorings are also easier to maintain than others.

By choosing the right materials you can keep your kitchen clean easily, ensuring that it is hygienic and safe for your whole family.


Last but by no means least you need to set yourself a realistic budget to avoid overspending beyond what you can afford. Go into detail by planning your spend on each inpidual element of your kitchen, such as on appliances, units and furniture, and stick to it.

This will of course be made easier by using a supplier who can offer quality products at competitive prices. Here at the Online Kitchen Store we can do just that, so to find out more about our range and why you should choose us for delivering the perfect DIY contemporary kitchen, give our team a call on 0845 519 6350.

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