Designing the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen - Functionality

Designing the Perfect Contemporary Kitchen - Functionality

Posted: 6th June 2016

We all dream of owning the perfect home, complete with a great kitchen that makes it a joy to prepare and eat meals, and here at the Online Kitchen Store we specialise in providing units, worktops and appliances for creating your ideal contemporary kitchen.

You can get your hands on a huge variety of fantastic products when choosing from our range, but what makes for effective kitchen design? In this latest article we're going to look at functionality, and how you can improve your cook and dine experience by creating intelligent and intuitive kitchen layouts.

Conveniently Placed Applicances

When preparing a meal it is likely that you will need to be able to access your fridge-freezer, oven and worktops all at once, so for convenience and ease-of-use you should plan to position these elements close together.

Ideally you should arrange them into a triangle shape with no more than six feet between each one, allowing you to move from one to the other without any major detours! If you're going to be purchasing new appliances, perhaps one of our CDA range cookers or dishwashers, then you will also need to ensure that the necessary gas and electricity lines are in place.

Lighting is Key

Unlike in any other room in the house, overhead lighting isn't enough for the kitchen, and you will want to make sure that you have a light source set up to ensure light falls in front of you.

If the only source of light is behind you then you are going to cast a shadow on the worktop you are using, which is not only inconvenient, but also potentially dangerous if you are using sharp knives.

Don't Forget Storage

When planning on creating your perfect contemporary kitchen it is essential that you allow for plenty of storage. Failure to do so will lead to a cluttered kitchen that will not only look unattractive but also make it more difficult to find the things you need.

If you can, position storage units right to the ceiling to avoid leaving a gap for dust and dirt to collect on.

Here at the Online Kitchen Store we stock a huge range of stylish and practical storage units, so you can rest assured you'll be able to find the right product for your needs.

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