3 Key Ingredients to Creating a Modern Kitchen

3 Key Ingredients to Creating a Modern Kitchen

Posted: 6th June 2016

As you look around your kitchen and dream of the perfect modern kitchen design you may not fully understand what it is that you need to create a contemporary aesthetic. After all, there are a whole range of considerations to make when planning a kitchen redesign - but what are three of the key ingredients to creating that modern look?

Clean Lines

Creating a modern kitchen in 2013 is all about clean lines and contours, streamlining the aesthetic and emphasising the space.

Make sure you clear away as much clutter as possible by stowing away pots and pans out of sight as well as other odds and ends, while anything that is left you should look to organise for the most practical and aesthetically-pleasing arrangement.

Blocks of Colour

Minimalism may be the by word for modernity but that doesn't mean you can't utilise blocks of bold colour throughout the space. Avoid designs that are too "busy" or intricate and brighter colours are best if you don't want to go for the classic blues, silvers or black and white that is typically associated with contemporary chic. 


It may be the units, surfaces and the colour schemes that are the main elements of  modern kitchens but if you don't update your accessories it will spoil the whole of the overriding aesthetic. With this in mind, make sure you update all of your visible kitchen accessories to ensure you achieve a consistent style throughout the room.

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